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Life is crazy, we know. It can be hard at the end of the day (or really any time of day) to find a healthy option to eat that's convenient, helps towards your fitness goals, and also tastes great.  

Well, that's what KleanMeals was created for! People just like you; that are trying to make healthy decisions to improve health and performance.  

We make all of our meals from scratch and bring you fresh, healthy ingredients into every great tasting dish.  So when you've had a long day at work and a good workout, you can finally relax only having to heat up your KleanMeals dish.  

Try our meals this week, and enjoy great taste and convenience.  

These (KleanMeals) are so good, I think I'm addicted.  And I'm already looking better! 

Ries Thieme 
-Happy Customer

About Us

The Fam

KleanMeals, LLC is a family company of the Kleinhenz and Young Families.  After years of meal prepping for a variety of family members (engineers, cooks, personal trainers etc) we decided to pool our resources and knowledge to bring you the very best. 

The company started with Jonathan Kleinhenz doing his own meal prepping and relating their success to his clients.  After a while, some of those clients began to ask if they could also be part of the meal prepping because of the amazing taste and the results he had in fitness by eating healthy.  He began selling them (to these clients/friends) and it took off from there.  

We as a family have loved the time together in the kitchen cooking on Sundays and have been cooking ever since the creation of this company.  

With consistently satisfied customers, KleanMeals is seeking more and more awesome meals to bring you an expanded rotating weekly and seasonal menu.  If you have comments or suggestions we'd love to hear them! Please email: kleanmealscincy@gmail.com


We are moving to the Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport, KY this month!



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